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Have you ever encountered a group of people who are talking about aura? If yes, you may be wondering why these people are very serious doing weird activities like facing each other without doing any movement. This is so weird, right?

Those people are actually doing a reading aura activity. Aura is basically known as a type of energy that every human possesses. It is made up of electromagnetic energy that gives off lots of information about a person such as their qualities and human attributes. Some people are interested to know the aura of an individual. However, there are some assertions that only few people who have an extra ordinary ability to feel weird and unusual aura. But, these assertions have been found out to be wrong because according to aura specialists, all people have the ability to read a person’s aura.

Reading a person’s aura is quite interesting and fun. When your friend is interested to read your aura, it only means that she or he just wants to know how you are feeling emotionally and what kind of person you are. If you are interested on how to feel a person’s aura, you should read the following aura reading tips. But before that, make sure that you are emotionally and mentally prepared in order to have a successful aura reading.

Find a peaceful place where you and your friends can concentrate well. It should have soft light in order to easily attract the energy. Along with your friends, form a circle in a place where your soft light exists. Then, take a few deep breaths and let your body relax. When you are ready, open your eyes and simply face your friend. Place your arms on your friend’s shoulder. Then, close your eyes and focus! Once you feel something in your arms, don’t be nervous. Be calm and concentrate. This is the human aura from your friend.

If you are afraid to do aura reading alone, you can ask guidance from someone who specializes in seeing different energy exist around your body and provide you answer you want to know. These people will give simple ideas to determine how you are feeling now or what things you want to reveal. There is also another way of seeing your aura. You can take pictures using your camera that highlights the aura around your body. To make sure that it is really a true human aura, you can bring it to the person who knows well in the field. He or she will give you the explanation by viewing your photo.

Some professional aura readers require people who are stressed to undergo in an aura reading because they said that it can help lessen depression. By simply putting their arms on the shoulder or any part of the body, they can easily feel the energy and see the aura. Nothing‘s wrong in doing this activity although it is quite weird for other people. As a matter of fact, aura reading is very helpful to discover the real personality of an individual and know him deeply.


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