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Palm Reader – A More Accessible And Convenient Psychiatrist

By Seema / February 22, 2012

Palmistry is an ancient form of future telling. If you are looking for a palm reader, you will find hundreds of options both, online and offline. Palmistry is the art in which the reader interprets the meaning of the lines on your palm. This is an art that can be learned and there is no […]


Palm Reader – Find the Secrets of Life Through Your Hands

By Seema / January 23, 2012

A palm reader tells you about your future by interpreting the lines, shape and pattern of your palm. Palmistry is believed to be as old as astrology. It has been used by people to know their future and learn hidden facts about their life too.


Palm Reader to Show You the Right Road Map

By Seema / October 27, 2011

When it comes to future telling, many believe in palm reading also. You can find a palm reader very easily and without much fuss and hassle even in your locale. But the most important thing is to find an authentic and true psychic for the fulfillment of the purpose.


Palmistry Vs Astrology

By Christopher Tantaro / January 18, 2011

Palmistry is another branch of prediction. But it cannot predict the details of life and relations etc. somehow it is limited whereas there is no limit in astrology. Expand the vision and you will get the answer of any question. Astrology %26 Religion Vedic Astrology Is Full of Myths from Hindu Religion Giving Planets A […]


Astrology, Horoscope, and Palmistry in India

By Christopher Tantaro / January 18, 2011

Indian Astrology, Horoscope and palmistry are subjects people very much interested in. Vedic Planets and zodiac are related to Indian astrology, Horoscope and palmistry. Indian astrologers and palmists prescribe gemstones especially Navaratna (Graharatna, Rashiratna) as a remedy to evil affects of planets. Particular Indian Vedic gemstones such as ruby, pearl, coral, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond, […]


Hidden Secrets in Palm

By Christopher Tantaro / January 15, 2011

Palmistry is a graphic representation of the mind. Whatever we think and make it a habit to live in a particular pattern which will reflect in the hand, since those thoughts become vital and take its shape in a thicker form. There are certain lines which are very thin for some people which mean they […]


Great Palm Reader And Astrology Consultant From Kerala India

By Christopher Tantaro / January 14, 2011

Harikrishna Hatharekha is being blessed by Shri Chamundeshwari Temple located in Thiruvanthapuram,Neyyatinkkara, Chenkottukonam, . The immense strength of goddess has been graced by Kalyana Ganapathy, Chamundeshwari, Bhadrakali, Naga Deva, Sastha, Yakshi, Makudan and Yoogishwaran. This centre is also divinely blessed by Mukathala Murrari Temple were the main grace is Krishna. Many believers have thronged to […]


Palm Reading in Kerala

By Christopher Tantaro / January 13, 2011

The word Palmistry that is widely used nowadays is a practice of hand reading or fortune telling. It has a wide history that exists more than hundred years. According to spiritual aspect of life, the future of a person is destined on the Karma of the person or the Karma of others. In modern world, […]


When to Run From the Palm Reader

By Christopher Tantaro / January 12, 2011

    Palmistry is one of those subjects, like politics and religion, that evokes strong opinions, usually for or against. It surprises me that in this day and age and in this atmosphere of information sharing there are still so many gray areas surrounding the science!? Without ‘letting the cat out the bag’ essentially a […]


Introduction To Palm Reading

By Christopher Tantaro / January 11, 2011

Palmistry is an ancient science prevalent since thousands of years. It has been confirmed from the ancient books of India, Greece, etc. Palmistry not only involves reading of the lines present on the palm but it also involves study of the shape of fingers, hands, etc. If you go to a palm reader, he/she is […]

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