I Think My Pet Has Psychic Abilities

Regardless of what attitude you take, one cannot ignore the thousands of stories and recorded events of pets that exhibit psychic ability. Records of psychic phenomena in pets has dated back to the middle ages, where we got much of our folklore of black cats and werewolves who had mystical powers. Many pet owners have seen such uncanny abilities in their pets, that they are convinced they have a psychic pet.

All animals have a form of extra sensory perception. But, do some pets manifest an even greater sense, a psychic ability? Some pets jump on the window seal or stand by the door exactly five minutes before the home owner arrives home. A pet that barks at the phone, seconds before it rings. Pets that find their way home after being lost, often hundreds of miles away.

These are not rare stories, they are extremely common. Many, if not all, animals seem to have an extra sense of perception that comes from some type of psychic energy. Because animals operate in a different frequency, they can hear sounds inaudible to the human ear. Can these frequencies or energy sources be emitting more than just sound? Can animals pick up energy signals generated by the human brain?

I can’t explain it, but my pet knows when I am happy or when I am sad. And, he will hide from me, when he senses I’m angry. Many pet owners claim that their pet is sensitive to their emotions. Can this be a form of psychic ability?

Animals have no perception of the future. They live for what is happening right now, and right in front of them. Perhaps being uncluttered with the feelings of the past, and unencumbered by the fears of the future, they can concentrate all of their thought process on what is happening in the here and now.

Many people are skeptical and say it is intuition. But, even intuition, by definition, means to know something without ever having learned it. Some believe we humans possessed these abilities before we became overwhelmed by technology and cluttered with emotional baggage. That we once possessed a form of telepathy and sense of direction, and premonitions were common rather than the exception. But, perhaps animals, who are not worried about paying the bills, and keeping up with the neighbors, have never lost these wonderful psychic abilities.

Pets learn set patterns, and can react to stimulus like the can opener noise means its feeding time. Putting on your shoes means we’re going outside, but getting the keys means I’m leaving and you’re not coming with me. We are unsure of how much of this is learned response, and how much is psychic. But, it cannot be denied that many of our pets are very perceptive of our thoughts and feelings.

Another interesting thing is that our pets react differently when they come in contact with strangers. Some they seem to trust immediately, and others they distrust indefinitely. Do they smell different to the pet? Or is your pet really psychic?


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