I Predicted My future Love and Didn’t Know It! Predict my future!

I Predicted My Future Love and Didn’t Know It!

I can predict your future, but now I know I can predict my future!

I used to do a lot of tarot readings for people, just for fun, but people always commented on how accurate they were. One night I was with a friend who was trying to hook up with a guy, so we went to his house. Another friend of his was there, and he asked me for a reading, he told me: “predict my future“. I had just completed a reading for the other guy where all the cards pointed to what a jerk he was, which was true, and the reading was a challenge because I was trying to find a nice way to word that.

So I was surprised when the other guy asked me to read his cards. I usually did generalized life readings, and in his case the lovers card came up in the near future position. So I told him that he would be meeting someone new and would be beginning a new relationship soon. Maybe he took me too literately because we started dating two weeks later (I didn’t realize that the cards were pointing towards me!), were married a year and a half later, and have now been together for nearly 10 years! I always got a lot of teasing about how in a reading for someone else I predicted my own future as well and managed to completely miss that aspect of the reading.

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Everyone Can Read Tarot Cards – not only psychics

Tarot cards have been in use for a long time. They have been in use for so long that they are actually the basis for today’s modern day deck of cards.

Everyone from gypsies to psychics have used tarot cards and you can too!

Contrary to popular belief you do not need to be psychic to read tarot cards. Tarot cards are based upon intuition and your relationship to the universe.

In order to read tarot cards you need the following; an unused deck of tarot cards, a book explaining what your cards mean and special spreads, and good intuition.

An unused deck is very important because it is your special connection to the universe. You can not have any other energy disrupting your connection. In addition to an unused deck, it is important to know what your cards mean.

Starting off it may be very hard to memorize everything your cards mean. A good website or a helpful book should come in handy. Sleeping with your special card will help you memorize it’s meaning and connect to it intuitively. Not only should you know what your cards mean but you need to put them together to connect to the universe to make a meaning.

This is called a, “spread”. A very simple spread you can do is called the, “past, present, future spread”. You shuffle your tarot cards and put three face down. These cards represent the past, present, and future to the person you are reading. For example, if you have the death card as your second card that could indicate a present change.

Tarot cards are all about intuition and give you a channel to the universe. You do not need to be psychic at all to read tarot, you just need to follow these simple tips and be willing to learn more!

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Tarot reading for Beginners – Beginner's Luck

Tarot for beginners – I am a not a beginner but also not an expert yet and want to share my experiences with you so far, and will share some tips here as well.

I first began using the tarot with a deck consisting of the Major Arcana.  I found that the cards reflected what was happening in my life and where I wanted it to go.  I did the readings for myself using the Celtic cross spread.  I found that the more cards involved in the reading, the more clearer the answer. There were two questions that I asked frequently.  One was about career and the other was about my love life.  I would often draw the Tower card when doing a reading about finding a boyfriend.  I took this to mean that at the time I would be placing myself in danger and should take care not to get involved in an abusive relationship.  As for career, the cards were not very specific.  The readings would indicate where I wanted to go, but it was still up to me to take the action to make things happen.

A few years ago I purchased a mini set of a full tarot deck.  This deck comes in a box with a booklet about the cards and a fortune telling mat.  The set is from Running Press.  The cards are too stiff to shuffle, so I shift them and turn them in my hands.  While I do that, I try to keep focused on a question.  Sometimes my mind is too occupied by something I’m worried about and it effects the reading.  I find that I get the best readings when I hum or sing a tune related to the question.

Because the deck has both the Major and Minor Arcanas I get a better reading.  I use the little book that came with the set to interpret the meaning of the cards.  The most difficult part is that the book always gives a meaning that is present, but there is a card in the reading that is for past influences.  It takes a little creativity to match up what the book says to what has happened in the past.  One other item about past influences is they may still be influencing.  I recently did a few readings on Halloween, a holiday known for divination.  I’ve been thinking about starting my own business.  I kept choosing cards from swords and pentacles with the Fool showing up.  I’m interpreting the cards to mean that success is ahead but I must act with integrity.  I also will need to work hard, but it will pay off in the end.

I have always admired the artwork on the cards and maybe I’ll own a more elegant set of cards.  I’m an artist and maybe I’ll design a deck as well.  One activity that I have done using the Major Arcana is to take a card and put it under my pillow.  I choose the card based on the tarot meaning and hope that it will cause a dream.  I did this with the Sun card, but nothing happened.

Tarot for beginners is a journey, and you have to be creative and not just go by the books, take it as an adventure and explore the unknown.

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Delving Into Tarot – secrets, tips, information you must know

I have been interested in Tarot readings for a long time. I had my first reading when I was sixteen years old, and I was a bit skeptical of the results. I was with my high school sweetheart at the time, and I felt that we would be together for years, possibly even get married. I remember distinctly getting the Death Tarot, which doesn’t always mean death. It can also mean the beginning of something new, or the end of something. There were also several other cards that represented change. Two days after my Tarot readings, my relationship ended. After this experience, I began learning more about Tarot, and reading for others.

One main ‘secret’ to Tarot is that the card in the spread is not always what it appears. Each card works together to create the entirety of the reading. Each position in the spread, depending on the spread, can cause the card to have an entirely different meaning than the usual. Energy is important when dealing with Tarot as well. If the recipient of the reading is portraying negative energy, then the results may very well turn out negative. Concentration and good energy from the reader is key to giving a precise reading.

No two readings will ever be the same. The recipient could have a reading one day and have positive results, and go back a week later for another reading and have negative results. Depending on the situations and energy surrounding the recipient at the time can determine what the ultimate reading will be.

When someone decides to get a deck of their own, they should never buy their first deck. It is considered taboo in most cases. Your first deck should always be a gift from someone. This gives the cards a positive energy that will help get clearer readings. After acquiring a deck, it should always be blessed. That allows the reader to connect with the cards and achieve the right mind set when reading. It is usually better to make your own blessing and perform it rather than use someone elses. That allows for a more personal connection with the cards. A sample blessing would be burning jasmine incense and shuffling through the cards one by one. I typically do this and touch each one to my forehead, so that it touches the mind’s eye.

If the reader ever lends their deck to another person, or it passes through another person’s hands, it should always be cleansed afterwards. This is vital. When your deck is touched by another, it becomes less personal, and the readings can become unclear. Traditional cleanings include sprinkling each card with salt and placing it through the smoke of sage incense. This represents air and fire, which are two components used to cleanse. Of course, it is the same as a blessing, and would be better if the reader were to use their own cleansing method.

Last, but not least, the main key in reading Tarot is to know what each card represents in every situation. This will allow for a more accurate and comfortable reading for both the reader and the recipient

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Different Outcomes of psychic readings – a review

A few months back my mom’s friend threw a psychic party and had a bunch of ladies over to get their psychic readings done.  I was probably the 3rd person to get their reading.  The first 2 ladies readings were extremely boring because they had already had readings done by the same lady.  But once I got up there to get my reading done the first thing the psychic said was, “Dang girl, you have boy problems!”  Haha and that is so true.  Ever since I was 15 I could never keep just a steady boyfriend.  Some of my closest friends don’t even know that I have boy problems so that’s why it was so amazing that she knew.  She also told me that once I turn 23 I will meet the love of my life and he will bring me “strawberry roses.”  That put my mind to ease knowing I wont have to worry about dead-beat boyfriends much longer.

By the end of the party she had almost all of the ladies crying because she knew things that nobody else knew.  The psychic also gave me and everyone else some advice.  She said, “I love my job but most people who get psychic readings from me try to change their daily lives so that the things I say will come true.  When really you can’t change your life according to what my readings say, you have to live life normally and watch them play out for themselves.”  So basically she was saying that if you try to change your behavior then you are going to altar the outcomes.   Even if some people don’t believe in stuff like this, I love Tarot readings and psychics.  I think it makes people think more positively and not so serious all of the time.  I would tell everybody to at least go to one in their lifetime.

From CNN:
* Laura Day’s clients include Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore
* Day also works with corporations; they pay her $10,000 a month
* Day prefers “intuitionist” over “psychic”; we all have the power, she says
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