I can predict death – Death predictions are real.

Have you ever wondered how hard it is to live with the ability to predict death???

Well, this is the life I live.

I have a friend, a very intelligent woman otherwise, who simply does not believe in anything “psychic“. She is not capable of understanding that it is not some kind of spooky non-reality, but rather a perfectly normal talent that most people have in a greater or lesser degree. So I’m addressing her now, and I’m addressing you, too, whether you believe me or not.

Ann, explains this.

I was an identification clerk for a police department in Georgia. I suddenly began having dreams about an undercover intelligence officer I knew. The dreams were always the same: he and a man I did not know were in a restaurant together, a restaurant I knew. As the officer stepped forward to pay the tab, the other man pulled out a pistol and shot him in the back. I then heard a name I did not know.

I dreamed this over and  over, but I didn’t tell the intelligence officer because I was sure he’d laugh at me. Finally I decided I had to tell him. I did. As I related the dream, he leaned back in his chair smirking–until I got to the name. Then his face went chalk-white. “I’m having dinner with that man in that restaurant tonight,” he told me. Then, as his face slowly resumed its normal color, he said, “Well, I can take care of that. But if you ever have another dream about me, please tell me immediately.”

I have had dozens of such experiences. Always, one of two things happens. In the ones I prefer, I have given a signal like in the caseofficer’s companion’s name. When I have that signal, I can act on it, and the thing won’t happen. But in the ones I don’t like, I have no signal, and then I know that there is nothing I can do to prevent it.

My youngest daughter is dead now, because I could never make her understand how psychic powers work in our family. She knew two weeks in advance that either her friend Torrie or her friend Anthony, Torrie’s running mate, was going to be shot to death. When Torrie and another late teenager killed each other in a supermarket parking lot, Alicia was convinced it was her fault: she knew, so she should have been able to prevent it. Over and over I explained to her that if she could have prevented it, she would have had a signal. Since she had no signal, she could not have prevented it.

But over the next ten traumatic years, she successfully worked herself into a situation such that she, too, would be shot to death. Now there are several Kansas cops traumatized by having killed a beautiful young redhead they didn’t even know was in the car, because she was lying down on the seat.

Psychic abilities can be a great gift, or a great curse. You must learn how they work for you, and for other people in your family; otherwise they may ultimately kill you or a loved one, as they did my daughter. If you do learn how to use them, they can save lives.  But they are NEVER to be taken lightly.

God gave you this gift, use it well.

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