Can a Psychic Reader Predict my Future?

Psychic readings, often made by a psychic reader, usually entail glimpses into the future of a person’s life. A Psychic Reader, also known as a Fortune Teller, has either a keen sense of awareness in to things that others do not see (like arriving at conclusions based on logic or mathematical calculations), or they are gifted in energy reading. An energy reader is someone with the ability to tap into other people’s energy fields. They have the ability to see outcomes of events that will come to pass.

Psychic reader interprets feelings

Although I say that a Psychic “sees” the future, it is usually a great deal of feelings that he or she may have about the person they are reading and they interpret that feeling/energy and come to understand what lies ahead for someone. Some psychics read Tarot Cards to see your future. The idea is that you shuffle the deck and then cut the deck in to 2 or 3 stacks.


The Psychic Reader then lays the cards out in a specific pattern and is able to discern what things are going on in your life. There are other ways a Psychic Reader can pick up energy as well. Such as reading your palms to see what is predestined for you, or using different types of Tarot cards like Osho Zen Tarot which gives the reader the same information but in a different way.

Psychic reader using tarot cards

I have thought that Tarot Cards were useless in the past but was very surprised when the Psychic told me exactly what I was dealing with in my current situation and what I need to do to fix it. The Psychic Reader also read my Aura which is a variety of colors and light that surround a person and reveal your current state of energy and/or emotions. Psychic readings are different from Astrology.

A simple Horoscope book can tell you what traits or abilities you have based on your star sign, which is based on when you were born. Sometimes Psychics find out what your star sign is so that they can run a “chart” which gives you a detailed look at the kind of person you are from past, present to future which is fun for you but it can also help him/her read deeper in to your future.

In addition to all of these, you may come across a Clairvoyant or a Medium that simply “knows” things by looking at you or being around you, and by feeling or hearing from loved ones on the other side. Sometimes you will go to get a reading and have something specific on your mind like “when will I meet the love of my life”, or “is this the right business decision” and while you may get the answer to those things, sometimes the Psychic Reader will feel other things as well that you were never intending on learning.

When it happens, it is kind of a bonus. It feels like that feeling you get when you find $20 dollars walking down the street. Some people think that a Psychic Reading is a bunch of hocus-pocus…a lady staring in to a crystal ball seeing images like a moving playing on a projection screen. Trust me, it is nothing like that.

A good Psychic will be accurate about events in your life through their intuition and energy reading abilities and will usually be pretty blunt and honest with you about what you need to do. Psychic Readings typically last from 30 minutes to 1 hour and can usually be done over the Phone, Internet (Skype), or in person. A reading can usually cover many areas of your life such as: Money, Career, Love life, Past lives, and Family.

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