My Psychic Reading That Came True – Psychic Pregnancy Prediction

Like many I was one of those that was very unsure about getting a psychic reading, I had often thought about it but did not really feel comfortable about spending the money. Then one day while driving home I passed a place of business that offered readings, on a whim I pulled in. Not really expecting much, defiantly not expecting what she said to be true.

I go and sit in a room that is lite by candles and had a very nice smell to it. The psychic came in, introduced herself and said that she preferred for me not to tell her anything about myself. She said instead I would like to hold your hands for a few minutes and meditate and see what comes to me. At this point I am thinking I just wasted $50.00.

After several moments of silence she started to tell me about me, that I had had a difficult relationship that lasted for most of my younger years. That I was not from Chicago but had moved there from out of state. Okay now I am thinking seriously, most people are not from Chicago. She goes on to say that I lost a parent at a young age, remember I have not even told her my full name at this point. She says that I am newly married and that we want children, (the wedding band could have been a clue to this).

She goes on to give me a psychic pregnancy prediction, however it will be a very difficult pregnancy and that I while my baby or babies would be successful that it would be very hard on me and I would be on bed rest. She also said that I would have a very difficult time getting pregnant, but it would be worth everything we went through. That my child or children would be premature however they would be fine. She kept saying that she saw more than one child, in fact she saw either three or four but could not be certain. The psychic pregnancy prediction saw one.

This was March of 2003, I had just started fertility treatments and had previously been told that I would never be able  to get pregnant. In August of 2003 I started what I had decided would be my last round or treatments, and well it was but not because I gave up, it was the last because I got pregnant.
At seven weeks pregnant I learned that I was having triplets, and was put on restrictions right away. At 12 weeks I had a cerclage placed in and was put on bed rest. I spent the rest of the pregnancy in bed, till 31 weeks and three days. My babies were born early, and they were healthy for their age. They spent one month in the NICU and are now 4.5 years old, I had serious pregnancy complications.


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